The Church as an Advocate [Rev. Dr. Sammy Wainaina]

The Rock on Which we Stand

As an advocate for social justice and righteousness, the Church’s mandate is based on the call to emulate Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit, the ultimate Advocate, Helper, and Counsellor who would guide it into all truth. In this regard, the church needs to rediscover its advocacy role to act justly, to love mercy and walk humbly in the sight of God. It therefore behoves the church to ensure its character is above reproach for moral credibility, and be innovative in engaging all the available tools and channels of engagement in order for effective advocacy. In this regard, therefore:

  1. The Church must endeavour to be socially aware and truly guided by biblical principles, cognizant of the fact that churches are critical for the social and spiritual health of society.
  2. Since God is just, Christians must seek to model justice through social ethics informed by Jesus’ radical Kingdom teaching, prayerful discernment and critique of those entrusted with authority, governance instruments and resources.
  3. Christian advocates must render the wisdom of God and the social imperatives of the Christian ethic into language that the world, and those in power, can understand
  4. The Church’s appropriate relationships with the government are as prophet, ambassador, and advocate. Thus, the Church has an obligation to hold the state accountable to uphold justice and righteousness.
  5. As Advocate for law and order, the Church has an imperative to support the judiciary when under attack, and must not remain quiet on such matters.
  6. The Church must be innovative in influencing our political space and culture through the proliferation of satellite television, telecommunications, and the internet
  7. The Church needs to intentionally engage in research and publications – The Christian must consider how to navigate the increasingly complex web of forces influencing modern history.


The Very Rev. Canon Dr. Sammy Wainaina

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Dr. L. Wambui
Dr. L. Wambui
1 year ago

Church has a primary mandate to ensure justice (law and order), stakeholder engagement (citizen, tax payer and primary recipient of political services), accountability through servant leadership, engender good leadership in society. ,

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