Introduction to Political Theology [Prof Bernard Boyo]

The Rock on Which we Stand

The theology of the Church will prompt Christians to be involved in socio-political issues while maintaining their Christian calling.

  1. The Church has a cardinal duty to shape the socio-political terrain positively because it is at the core of society
  2. The Church must be involved at the national level in the formulation of electoral processes and procedures
  3. The Church should help governments model an alternative political structure that incorporates all its citizenry in the ownership and support of constitutional provisions
  4. The Church must entrench a sense of national beliefs and a code of moral behaviour and values that will shape every facet of community life
  5. The Church should be at the forefront in demonstrating how citizens ought to rise above regional interests, negative tribal and ethnic attachments which hinder progress in actualizing the constitutional mandate


Prof. Bernard Boyo

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1 year ago

Such clarity in this exposition

Role of Church Guide
As Kenya approaches its general election, we have developed this study guide as a worthy companion for all who are desirous of bringing Kingdom impact into the political and governance arena.
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