The Responsibility We Carry [H.E. Dr. Lazarus Chakwera]

The Responsibility We Carry

Politics is a mission field like any other and Christians can go in as missionaries to expand the kingdom of God. All missions are for God’s glory and the Church should not leave any mission field out assuming God does not care for that field.

  1. The church should view government and politics as a mission field that God uses to release his people from oppressive governance.
  2. The church’s call and mandate should not be merely of self-interest, but driven by the affirmed and distinct voice of God.
  3. The church’s posture should be that of service as the mission ultimately reveals God’s faithfulness through his servants.
  4. God’s call to serve in the field of government can come at enormous costs and temptations as it requires leaving the comfort zone, the church is therefore called to remain ever obedient and rooted to the conviction and call.
  5. Christians called to serve in political office are exposed to the pharaohs and oppressive systems of leadership, the church therefore must support, encourage, love and counsel those called, to keep them spiritually strong.


H.E. Dr. Lazarus Chakwera (President of Malawi)

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Mary Njuguna
Mary Njuguna
1 year ago

This is great revelation from H.E. Chakwera that politics is an unexploited mission field. god bless you brother as you lead Malawi to greater heights.
Mary Njuguna
Murang’a County

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