Intersection between Church and Politics [Rev. Calisto Odede]

The Responsibility We Carry

The call to politics is akin to a call-in church ministry. Christians called to serve are accountable to God and are therefore servants of the people of God.

  1. The church is called to deeply interrogate and assess those called to leadership.
  2. The church must guard against turning the altars of the living God into altars of worship to the god of power.
  3. The church through the concern for the condition of God’s people should view politics as a mission ground that God can use for transformation.
  4. The church is called to discard ideologies that are informed by the standards of man and embrace theology that promotes inclusivity and is governed by the politics of God.
  5. The price for engagement in politics should serve as a spectrum of avenues that the church can use to respond to the call of God- each designed to reveal the character and glory of God.
  6. Christians who wish to serve in political office should resign from the Church


Rev. Calisto Odede

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Role of Church Guide
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