The Church as a Citizen [Dr. Oliver Kisaka]

The Rain that Beat Us

The Church is a citizen since it is an assembly of members who are citizens. Being a citizen implies belonging, and sharing in the rights, privileges and responsibilities of citizenry. Christians, however, have dual citizenship, having first been born into the world and then gotten spiritually born again into the kingdom of God. While being born again into the second citizenship ought to help us be better citizens of, and positively impact, our society including its politics, Christians have often abdicated this responsibility and shied away. We, therefore, need to rethink our role as citizens of our nation today, and engage practically in the following ways:

  1. We need to reorganize our theological orientation and appreciate that Christ has called the church out, not to be permanently separated from society, but to be transformed and sent back into the world as Christ-like agents of transformation.
  2. Appreciate that effective ministry goes hand in hand with effective administration, as one authenticates the other. Effective church administration, therefore, needs to be pursued as a way of setting an example and being salt and light.
  3.  It is the role of the Church to advocate for access to food by all citizens as well as advocate for equity and justice in the society. This requires engagement in politics.
  4. The Church is obliged to support those who go into politics and to appreciate them as these would improve the quality of leadership, bringing in Christian values, morals and ethics.
  5. The Church could create a “Silicon Valley” approach to developing support systems for Christians of integrity, with good ideas and good political or economic agenda to vie for political positions.
  6. The Church needs to engage on the issue of recycling same politicians over the years and  propose a paradigm shift based on political and economic equity, ensuring good and righteous people get into political positions.


Dr. Oliver Kisaka

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Dr. L. Wambui
Dr. L. Wambui
1 year ago

This is very relevant with specific recommendations for the church to take part in governance and politics. The emphasis is on holistic gospel is very important for today’s extension of the Kingdom of God.

1 year ago

Good move indeed. It is a good step that we are now talking about this poisonous politics and how the church can help as the best weapon available. The church must be an ambassador of truth to be emulated. otherwise it beats logic to have a church full of liars, pretenders and irresponsible people trying to advise on responsibility. The church must be a true replica of her persona. What she does must reflect what she preaches. We the church must vie for these posts, elect our responsible people, people we have tested and confirmed their integrity through church leadership. This will help in restoration of political sanity and discipline in our legislative houses. I personally call politicians, good liars to good listeners because they can lie and lie and forget even the first lie they told you. If the church stands and means her motive, and observes her responsibility, inflicting this responsibility to the society wont take long. We will soon have a responsible and organized society. Kenya is a great nation with all types of resources. We just need to be a little bit organized.



9 months ago

This is exquisite

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