Rev. Joseph Obwanda

Rev. Joseph Obwanda

is a celebrated inspirational speaker, Consultant /Trainer and prolific author.

He is a Practical Theologian, Personal and Institutional development consultant, Civic Educationist and a Certified Clinical Psychologist for Institutional Chaplaincy (CPE).

He is the Chief Excellency Officer (CEO) and Lead Excellency Coach of ExcellWise Ventures.

He is also the Founder Director of HESHIMIKA Foundation, an establishment for social values enrichment and transformation. Its flagship programme is the HESHIMIKA Excellency Initiative and #KenyaIstahiliHeshima Campaign.

He has a strong bias and message for personal, professional and patriotic Excellency for learning institutions, corporate, religious and civic society audiences. He offers practical and contextual insights on Personal and Institutional Branding, Time Valuation, Stress Management, Personal, Professional and Organizational Change Management, Teamwork, Academic Excellency, Life skills, Public Speaking and Communication, Civic education, leadership and corporate governance among others.

Among his local institutional and corporate clients both private and public sector over the recent years include:

Institute of Internal Audito rs | Kenya School of Monetary Studies| Institute Of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya | Association of Women Accountants in Kenya| Safaricom Limited |East Africa Portland Cement Company| Kiganjo Police Training College | Liberty Life Insurance Company |CIAR Africa, Consultancy for Regional Leading Women C.E.O’s| Mwalimu Sacco, Board of Directors |Kenya Tea Development Agency| Lumumba and Lumumba Advocates | Oraro and Company Advocates | |National  County Public Service Boards Forum | County Gover nment Of Nairobi|East African Social Enterprise Network(EASEN)|Energy Regulatory Commission| Brand Kenya Board | Compassion International among others.



He is a prolific author of the following acclaimed inspirational titles:

  1. BECOME YOUR EXCELLENCY: Exploring Principles and Concepts Of Authentic Personal Expressions. He addresses among others:

Your human desire for significance and quality life.

  • Why this is possible, by relating his personal experiences and motivations.
  • What are the benefits /incentives for personal and professional & Excellency?
  • What are the hindrances to your excellency?
  • What it takes to overcome this hindrance and become your Excellency at Personal & Professional and societal levels.


  1. TIME VALUATION: Why you should not waste time managing time.
  • He Defines Time as The PASSING AWAY OF LIFE and Provides Insights for You To Live Your Life i.e. Use Your Time in High Value Engagements And Meaningful Associations.
  • Discover Your Life Saboteurs and Eliminate Them Effectively Through the Simple and Profound


  1. High ALTITUDE ATTITUDE: Developing an empowering disposition for your powerful position’
  • 8 Dynamics of Strategic Advantages, Promotion and Significance
  • 8 Principles of Healthy Mindset and Mental Associations For Sustainable


  1. G-RESET: Stop GROANING; Start G ROWING-Reposition yourself for the BEST YOU’
  • On Taking Charge of Life Challenges in Order to Make Critical Changes In Personal, Professional And Existing Circumstances For Desired And Deserved Experiences
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